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Leonello Design Solution is specialized in the development of visual communication and creative thinking techniques, primarily through quick sketching techniques. LDS offer a unique perspective, and the ability to work with your group to improve visual communication techniques through proven skill building activities, and creative thinking methods. Our workshop experience ranges from large companies, to universities, and small groups.With live, on site workshops, we’re able to work with your team, one on one, or in a group setting. We cover the following topics and most things in between.

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  1. Basic Drawing Skills

  2. Advanced Drawing Methods

  3. Visual Communication Theory

  4. Concept Development Process

  5. Design Sketching and Rendering

  6. Collaborative Creative Thinking

Design School

Mohammad Aminiyekta / Alexander Galaktyonov/ Edinjo Bajraktari / Roman Krutikov

Students  from SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design - Master in Transporation Design 2011/2012